We at Mansion House believe that coaching, as a process, aligns with our values of building long-term relationships based on trust and transparency and of finding and developing tomorrow’s talent. It is an invaluable tool which can be used in many scenarios.

And so with this in mind, we have aligned with Heeral Gudka to provide coaching services to our candidates and clients. From help with making career decisions to creating leadership development programmes for our clients, enabling them to identify and grow prospective leaders.

Heeral is our partner in developing the Mansion House vision.

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Heeral moved into coaching in the summer of 2013 after an immensely enjoyable and varied actuarial career spanning 2 decades. She now runs a successful coaching business, working with individuals at a wide variety of stages of their professional life.

During her career within insurance Heeral worked for one of the largest global consultancies, 2 prestigious London Market insurers and the world’s largest run-off specialist at the time – living in London and Bermuda. Building relationships has always been Heeral’s strong point, and most recently she worked as the main contact between her previous employer’s actuarial department and the 13 branch offices spread across Europe.

Heeral’s move into career coaching was driven by the sincere conviction that she can contribute more to improving the work environment as a coach than as an actuary. Since beginning coaching Heeral has worked with people from all over the world and all manner of backgrounds.

What sets Heeral apart from other coaches is that she has an in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry which lends her the credibility to work with leaders in the business.

Heeral’s coaching style is straight-forward and free of jargon, she builds trust with her clients and they rely on her to give honest and compassionate feedback. Heeral helps her clients deal with the stresses of the work environment, helps identify opportunities and overcome challenges. She observes and identifies patterns of behaviour and thought-process so that the client can decide which are helpful and which are hindering progress.

You can contact Heeral directly at or on Heeral’s webiste you can find more information and testimonials from clients: .

Examples of recent clients

Change and Training Manager – top-tier insurance company

Head of Legal Entity Reporing – top-tier insurance company

Risk Manager – top-tier Russian oil company

Marketing Executive – Hong Kong marketing company

Mental Health Professional – British Columbia, Canada

International Luxury Travel writer – Florida, USA

Stage and TV actress – London, UK


Heeral’s approach to training is thought-provoking, hands on, and creative.I liked the fact that Heeral could relate to my issues, based on her own experiences, and she was very motivational and easy to talk to.Heeral doesn’t use fancy acronyms or buzz words, (unlike some other training facilitators), she just ‘tells it as it is’ and her upbeat personality is infectious.I look forward to working with her in the future.” - Louise Clements, Argenta

"Thank you for the workshop this morning on Conflict management.Your coach Heeral Gudka gave a very interesting session which I found helpful. I would be interested to hear of any similar events you may have for the future." - Stephen Finch, Miller Insurance

"I found the session very interesting. I especially enjoyed learning about the drama triangle and the hearing about individual experiences around the table.I will stay in touch with Heeral in the future." - Alison Devey, Hamilton Fraser

"I thoroughly enjoyed the morning session with Heeral. I found it went very quickly which obviously shows it as a good sign. It covered all aspects and found it very interesting listening to other peoples conflicts within the work place and on personal levels and how these situations can be dealt with in a CALM manner." - Heidi Moret, Bell & Clements

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