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Interview Behaviour Is Not Black and White

I heard that someone suggested that drinking a cup of coffee (or water) was a good idea in an interview.

Oh yes, it was me.

The blog got an overwhelming reception (thank you), and while the percentage of “likes” indicated that it was a smash hit, there were also a number of comments suggesting that certain people would see coffee as a horrible distraction.

That is to be ... Read More

Posted in General on 12th April 2017

Free hugs

Great Recruiters Give Free Hugs

You know those people on the street who give strangers free hugs?

They make me smile, and I can’t help but indulge them. Some people find the whole phenomenon a little strange, but why wouldn’t you want to spread a little more harmless positivity in the world? Allowing the hugger to hug you gives them a sense of self-worth too, you know.

But what has this got to do with recruite... Read More

Posted in General on 27th April 2017

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