Kids job hunt

Do You Tell Your Kids About Your Job Hunt?

This is one of those blogs where I am simply going to ask the question.

It is not for me to tell people how they should parent their children, everyone is different, and circumstances can vary hugely. However, this question looms large in the heads of anyone who is contemplating a change in career, especially if it means moving to accommodate the change.

If you have children of alm... Read More

Posted in General on 10th May 2017

Discuss mistakes

Should You Discuss Your Mistakes at Interview?

Leaving a potential employer with an overwhelmingly positive impression might be seen as the ideal outcome for any interview. They gave you the floor to sell yourself, you knew what they wanted to hear, and you sold your skills flawlessly.

A+ for impact but maybe only a B+ for authenticity.

To me, an interview is an opportunity to open up with a future employer, and show them what ... Read More

Posted in General on 24th May 2017

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