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Do You Tell Your Kids About Your Job Hunt?

This is one of those blogs where I am simply going to ask the question.

It is not for me to tell people how they should parent their children, everyone is different, and circumstances can vary hugely. However, this question looms large in the heads of anyone who is contemplating a change in career, especially if it means moving to accommodate the change.

If you have children of almost any age (obviously not toddlers), it is always well worth thinking about what you share with them and when.

Most people would feel uncomfortable giving their children a blow-by-blow account of their job hunt, and would much prefer to break the news when the ink on the new contract has dried. However, this is not always possible, and when Daddy or Mummy is suddenly spending more time at home, there are often questions that deserve an answer.

Security is so important in a child’s life, but the secrecy and stress that a clandestine job hunt can bring about is not great for them either. Like I say, I am going to sit on the fence with this one, but I think that most people would try to delay the moment of revelation for that little bit longer.

That just adds that little bit of extra pressure.

Some people, however, see a job hunt as an opportunity to prepare their kids for a world of change. Very little seems to be constant these days, and the understanding and support of (maybe teenage) kids can give a job seeker that extra bit of belief in themselves. There is nothing like having a hug from your child on the morning of the interview – all those times that you have told them to just do their best, and here it is, they are telling the same thing to you. Some parents would see that as something that they would do.

Ah, it’s so tricky.

This blog won’t be quite as long as some of my other ones, because I don’t really want to preach.

I am however extremely interested in the thoughts of parents out there. When you have been job seeking in the past, how have you managed the situation? Is there any advice you would give to others who might be in a similar position? Do you think that telling kids makes the situation even more pressurised or do you think that they can offer that crucial bit of extra support to get you over the line?

I honestly don’t know, but I am looking forward to what you think.

Posted in General on 10th May 2017

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