Free hugs

Great Recruiters Give Free Hugs

You know those people on the street who give strangers free hugs?

They make me smile, and I can’t help but indulge them. Some people find the whole phenomenon a little strange, but why wouldn’t you want to spread a little more harmless positivity in the world? Allowing the hugger to hug you gives them a sense of self-worth too, you know.

But what has this got to do with recruiters? We are a friendly bunch at Mansion House, but physical hugs are not on the menu I’m afraid. You will definitely get a friendly handshake, but that is just about the closest that a candidate will get to the intimacy of a hug.

Nope, our “free hugs” are more of the emotional kind.

There is no more vulnerable time than when you are looking for a job. You walk into an interview with a recruiter and hope that they will be able to help you make the next step. It is important to say at this point that not every candidate will walk away from the process with a job, but we can promise that we will do our very best to understand the potential of every candidate and find the best possible roles for them. We can’t do this for everyone, and we are always bitterly disappointed when we can’t help, but there is always one thing that we can give people:

The confidence to believe in themselves.

This is the one mental “hug” that every job seeker needs. We seek to encourage them and build them up, rather than criticise and bring them down. We try to find solutions where there are obstacles, and we firmly believe that there is a job out there for everyone, no matter what has gone on in the past. It is simply a case of charting the course and staying the course. For this, you need determination and self-belief.

This self-belief starts when someone believes in you (that isn’t your mum).

The recruiter is often the first stranger that you discuss your search with. That experience can sometimes shape your attitude towards the search. If a recruiter hangs up abruptly and says that they don’t want to talk to you, you can’t help but feel a bit down. If, on the other hand, a recruiter is prepared to have a chat, even if they don’t have a current role, you never know what value they might be able to add. You simply feel that they care about you, and actually, that is all you need at that moment in time.

These are the free hugs that we give to our candidates. We care about them, and helping them makes us feel great about ourselves too, even if it doesn’t involve a commission payment. Giving free hugs makes the hugger feel that life is worth living.

That is why recruitment is such an enjoyable profession. We have a huge impact on everyone who we meet. Hopefully, that impact is usually a positive one. Want a hug?

Posted in General on 27th April 2017

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