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Why We Should All Have a Dream Job

All of a sudden, thousands of young kids want to become a Professor at the prestigious University of Cambridge in the UK.

The “Lego Professor of Play” to be precise.

Cambridge has just appointed Paul Ramchandani to the role, with a remit to examine the importance of play in education. It sounds like a pretty fun job, and I have no doubt that countless kids are justifying their hours of building with that little bit more conviction. “If I become a Lego master-builder, I could become the Professor of Play one day.”

Light-heartedness aside, there is something important about having a dream job to strive for - it keeps us moving forward.

We may have gone to university and studied a certain course, we did some work experience and then thankfully secured our first few roles. It is unlikely that these baby steps into the world of work will have followed our ideal career path, but you have to start somewhere.

However, if you keep your dream job at the front of your mind, you will take every opportunity to gain the small bits of experience to get you that little bit closer to it.

Every dream job has a number of component parts and although you might not be able to get there immediately, it is absolutely possible to replicate some of the aspects.

You might want to run your own business, but actually all you want is the flexibility to be with your family when they need you. Look into flexible working – your employer wants you to be motivated and engaged – they might be happy for you to explore this option.

You might want to work in sales, but actually all you want is a role that allows you more contact with other people. Get yourself involved in more cross-functional projects, volunteer to represent the company at conferences or get involved in internal training.

Maybe your dream is to change careers entirely. Your current employers won’t be able to help you much, but there will be many transferable skills that you can focus on to help you in your new career path. Take online courses, get work-experience in your own time and network wherever you can. You might have to start at a lower level when you are ready, but if you have the passion, then anything is possible.

I suppose that I want to say that dreams may not always come true in their entirety, but they almost always provide the motivational fuel to take you “somewhere” that is slightly better than where you are today. The sense of growth and personal fulfilment that you will feel is what makes for a contented career.

You might not be the Professor of Play, but there is a high likelihood that you will be enjoying your journey.

Welcome dreams into your life, reassess them every now and again. Then see what you can do today to move yourself that little bit closer.

Posted in General on 7th June 2017

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