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Interview Behaviour Is Not Black and White

I heard that someone suggested that drinking a cup of coffee (or water) was a good idea in an interview.

Oh yes, it was me.

The blog got an overwhelming reception (thank you), and while the percentage of “likes” indicated that it was a smash hit, there were also a number of comments suggesting that certain people would see coffee as a horrible distraction.

That is to be ... Read More

Posted in General on 12th April 2017

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Immersive Tech Could Revolutionise Recruitment

I am one of those people who believes that tech will work alongside recruiters rather than replace them. That critical final 1% of human judgement is where many of us earn our keep, and no robot will be able to replicate that finely tuned intuition.

However, I do believe that some technologies will greatly aid our decision making. The rapid development of immersive technology and virtual ... Read More

Posted in General on 29th March 2017

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Drink That Coffee in Your Interview. Slowly.

I can’t count the number of times that a candidate walks in to an interview with us, asks for a coffee and then doesn’t touch it…. I understand that they are nervous and that they have probably had a couple of coffees already, but I think that you can tell a lot about the candidates who leave a full cup of cold coffee as their legacy.

Imagine what potential employers might think.Read More

Posted in General on 15th March 2017


Bring Emotions into Your Career Story

Your career has probably been a bit of a rollercoaster ride.

Looking back, the emotions are still so raw. The anticipation of a successful project, the thrill of achieving a goal, the fear that you may never do it again, the disappointment as your subsequent plans don’t hit the heights. Telling your career story without these emotions is like a computer reciting Shakespeare. You transpo... Read More

Posted in General on 8th March 2017

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